Friday, January 27, 2012

I'm Walking On Sunshine

Katrina and the Waves had a hit song back in the 80's with "I'm Walking on Sunshine."  But when they wrote the tune, they were nowhere near sunshine.  In fact, it was cold, clammy, and not even daytime in New York City when they wrote it.  But listening to the song with its upbeat lyrics, you would never have known.  Maybe that is some very good advice for all of us.  Some days are just not all sunshine. 

 But, as the old saying says, maybe we should "fake it until we make it".  I find that "acting" happy even when I am not can sometimes snap me out of a funk very quickly.  Are you down in the dumps right now?  Well consider two things:  First, that is a normal feeling and second, you can change it with God's help.  Just think about Jesus and let His complete peace chase away your blues.  You know He can do it; think how many times he has helped you in the past.  Trust in Him, and before long you will be "Running on Sunshine"  Amen!!!