Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Bailey Boo

Forgive me, but I have to brag on my 13-year old daughter Bailey Boo. She is a Christian and attends church regularly. She is a well-mannered young lady who always wears a smile. I wish I could get her to read her Bible more, and I wish I could get her to go down front at church to profess her faith. She is a little shy, but then again, so was I at 13. But let me tell you what happened today at church. She has been taking guitar lessons for a couple years and has gotten pretty good at playing. She knows over 100 songs, and has become a self-learner. She is constantly on the Internet learning how to be a better player. She was overheard playing her guitar by the youth director at church, and he has asked her to join the youth choir as a singer and guitar player!! Praise God! He has given her a talent of playing guitar, and today, she decided to use that talent for His Glory. I could not be any more proud of her than I am at this very moment!

We all have talents that are given to us by the Lord. In fact, anything that we are able to do is because He blessed us with that ability. When we choose to use it to further His Kingdom, there is no stronger peace and satisfaction in the world. He called me to be a teacher 15 years ago, and I love it more today than I ever have before. I have experienced first-hand the joy of knowing I am living for Jesus. Now, Bailey will experience that same joy and peace from serving Him. Bailey, your daddy is so proud of you, sweetie. God has given you a talent. Always thank Him for it, and always use it for His Glory. You are an inspiration to me. I am proud God chose me to be your daddy!

3 John 1:4 says, "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the Truth."

Father, thank you for blessing Bailey. Help her to always stand up for You and to inspire others to seek Your face. In Jesus name, Amen.


  1. There are almost no words that can express what I felt reading this devotion....First of all the desire and passion she has at a young age to accomplish what she has with learning to play so many instruments and your right ... its gods gift to her and second.... the love and devotion you have towards her as a father... its rare.... not many fathers bond and show so much support towards a daughter as they do a son ...I know this because I have witnessed it in my own family..... You are blessed to have each other and god will continue to bless her life down the road .. I can already see it......

  2. What an awesome story! Thanks for sharing! :O)

  3. Allen, thanks for sharing! Bailey is a wonderful young woman and I feel truly blessed to know you both. Your pride as her father shines, as well it should. You both have God-given talents, and I look forward to watching Bailey develop hers, as I continue to enjoy your words. Bless you both!!

  4. I have often talked to my children about this issue of what is "our calling" in life. I often say, "whatever He has enabled you to do...that is your calling". Only humans make this a complicated issue.

    God bless as you daughter continues to utilize what our Lord has enabled her to do!


  5. Absolutely beautiful. One of the most touching, inspirational devotions I've ever read.

    I celebrate the gifts He's bestowed upon Bailey AND you. And I celebrate that you both recognize them and respond with gratitude.