Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Feel Free To Disagree

Today's devotion was sparked by a comment that one of my students said yesterday in class, and I eluded to it in yesterday's devotion. I am not a Bible scholar, and I admit that I may be wrong about how I feel. But this is exactly how I feel about this subject. I look forward to your comments on this devotion. If you agree or disagree, please give me your two-cents worth. The subject is perhaps the most important subject in all of Christianity. It is the subject of Salvation. I am told that the Bible does not contradict itself, and I believe that is true. But some verses do seem to contradict others. Maybe the perceived contradictions have to do with the translations from the original Hebrew and Greek languages to English. If any part of the Bible contradicts any other part, then we could be all believing in a false god. I mean, if some things are true in the bible while other things are not, which ones do we believe? No, there has to be a way to resolve the perceived contradictions and to blend the subject verses together in perfect harmony.

One of my students told another student that God was going to send him to hell for cussing. That got me to thinking deeply about what she said. It is my belief, my conviction, that God will never send us to hell for any sin we commit. The ONLY way we will go to hell is if we NEVER accept His Son Jesus Christ. In more than one verse, the Bible backs up this claim. I know it is dangerous to consider only a single verse or two and to take those verses out of context. But I have found no less than 40 verses that say the exact same thing. Once we accept Christ, He cleanses us from all sins...those we already committed and those that we will commit. Sound too good to be true? Yes, I have to admit that it does. But if there are any "loop-holes" to this idea, then we are in trouble. In tomorrow's devotion, I will dig into those "loop-holes" that some people believe. Now I am not saying I am right and anybody who believes differently is wrong. But it is my true, genuine conviction that the ONLY way to hell is by refusing Jesus forever. I would like to incorporate some of your comments on this subject in tomorrow's devotion. So if you get a chance, please tell me how you feel about Salvation.

Father, please help us as we struggle with some of the deep issues of Salvation. I ask You to guide my devotion tomorrow so that I can write the exact truth about Salvation as You intend it to be. Please convict those reading this devotion today, and please encourage them to make a comment about their belief. In Jesus name, Amen.


  1. It has been said over and over and over , maybe not in the same way that the only way to heaven is through jesus christ the son of God. I beleive that when we are saved we inherit that right. Yes he wants us to continue to grow in him , however we are not perfect and he knows this, Here's the thing.... if we deny him before man to me thats the ultimate sin.Praise him in good and bad times and salvation is yours . Thats my take on it.

  2. I agree. I understand what you are saying about some verses that seem to contradict themselves such as "an eye for an eye" but then we are to "turn the other cheek". I've asked some people about this but still have no answer as to why it reads that way. I agree that the only way you are sent to hell is if you choose not to believe in Jesus forever. I also read a verse the other day that says the only unforgivable sin is when you sin knowingly and choose not to turn back to the Lord. Great post! Really got me thinking!! God bless you!!!

  3. Hey Allen...wanted to let you know I received the booklets. You did a great job! I gave them to my husband, and he plans on reading them once he's in his truck. Thanks so much!

  4. Hey ... hope you are doing well today!

    Wow! That devotion was really good. It will make you think. I copied it and
    sent it to some other friends of mine to get their opinions.

    My opinion is that God does not send us to hell ... we humans do that. But I
    do believe that we have eternal life if we have asked Jesus into our hearts.
    He is the ONLY way to Heaven. The Bible is a mystery. Yes, it is very clear
    on some things, but there are also others that will most likely remain unclear
    until we get to Heaven. As far as salvation is concerned, I believe that once
    we have accepted Jesus and believe that He is God's Son, that we have
    eternal life (Ref: John 3:16). Because then the Holy Spirit comes to live inside
    us and "reminds" us who's we are and when we sin so that we can ask
    forgiveness for it.

  5. I believe that the ticket to hell is of our own choosing .. and that the way to get there is to deny our Savior. Not to believe in Him. Will I go to hell if I say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing? No ... unless that thing is to totally deny my Lord.

    There is only one way into Heaven, and that is through Jesus as our savior. When He forgives, it is, as you said, blanket forgiveness (not to be mistaken for "I'm forgiven it doesn't matter what I do.") It DOES matter. Believe in Him and you are saved. That does not mean that you never have to repent once you're saved ... there are days when it seems that is all I do!

    You are the conductor of your own life: which ticket do you choose?

  6. on the comment of an eye for an eye and turning the other cheek , I think God means he is the one that has that authority and we are to turn our cheek and leave the punishing up to him. . I also beleive that vengence is his and when we are treated bad by others that he will have his dicipline for those that do wrong unto us. And vice versa , of coarse. I guesss things can be interpeted in many ways... just wanted to comment on that.

  7. Teachers are wonderful!! THank you for what you do!

  8. I received my devotional booklets. Thank you.

    Good post. The previous comments are very good as well. I strongly agree with Anonymous and Denise.

    As for what appear to be contradictions, we discussed this in a Sunday School class at our church not too long ago, and our pastor explained that these things are not contradictions but "paradoxes". The dictionary says that a paradox is a seemingly contradctory statement that may nonetheless be true; one exhibiting inexplicable or contradictory aspects.

    As for salvation, I believe, as Jesus, himself, states in the Bible, that "He is the Way, the Truth and the Life and no one comes to the Father except through Him." The only requirement for salvation is to confess your sins and askf for forgiveness and accept Jesus Christ into your heart and life. However, I also believe that just because we are forgiven and saved by accepting Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we must still seek His forgiveness when we make mistakes for we are not perfect and will still stumble, but the Holy Spirit who dwells within us after we have accepted Christ, will let us know when we have made a mistake, and then it is our responsibility to seek forgiveness. As we grow closer to Christ and more knowledgeable of the Bible, we will make fewer mistakes. However, we will not cease making mistakes until we get to Heaven, so we must strive to be more like Jesus each and every day, and when we stumble, we must ask his forgiveness. The key is to do our best to learn from our mistakes and do our best not to make the same mistakes over and over again.

  9. Salvation by grace through faith in Jesus, there is no other way! Grace, grace, His marvalous grace!

    It burdens me that young people get so confused about these issues.

    Contradictions? Is there anything that is written in red that contradicts? It's all about the red lettered words, to me, anyway. What did Jesus say? What did Jesus do? At the end of the day, it's ALL about Jesus!

    There is no comparsion between that which is law and that which is grace.

    So happy these young people have a teacher that is truly grounded in that which is truth!


    It's all about Jesus!

  10. A person ask me once if I believe that God was a loving God. I replied yes.
    To follow up his first question he ask if God is such a loving God
    how could he send anyone to hell. Well I said good question …….
    If I don’t accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior and I die is it my loving God
    sending me to hell or is it myself by not accepting him.
    The salvation plan is so simple (a cave man can do it…sorry I had to do it)
    it doesn’t matter how much money you have, your social standing, or who you know.
    Whosoever believe shall have everlasting life.(John 3:16) that covers everyone.
    So does God send anyone to hell I don’t think so!!!! KEEP LOOKING UP !!!

  11. Anonymous, DING DING DING!!!!! We have a winner! lol Gosh you can't put it any simpler than that!I was talking to someone last night and was telling him the same thing. It's simple... Its said over and over in the bible many times just in a different context. Whosoever believes in me, trusts me worships me, has complete faith in me and accepts me as the son of God , so shall he be with my father in heaven and will have everlasting life. And he also said , lean not into your own understanding, we are human, but into the spirit and gods word , have faith and ask no questions for if you have the spirit , wisdom will be yours. Amen! Just that simple...

  12. I think it's all mostly been said, but WE send OURSELVES to hell. I sometimes cuss when I'm in a tight spot or in a bad mood or spill hot coffee on my bare feet. But. I know Jesus is my savior, so I know that a cuss or two isn't going to keep me from His presence. Does that give me LIBERTY to cuss as often as I want? I don't think so. I think if we love Jesus we ought to try and keep His commandments. But we'll fail, sometimes. Because we're human.