Monday, August 17, 2009

It's Not Fair

Isn't "fair" a hard thing to define? We hear it all the time- probably even complain about it ourselves. On one hand we like to think we live in a world that is fair, but in reality, we know it is just not so. This week in 1969, one of the worst hurricanes in history, Camille, slammed into the Mississippi Gulf Coast with 200-mph winds, killing almost 250 people. Was that fair that some of those poor souls lost their lives while others were sparred? The Bible tells us that such tragedies occur because of sin in the world, but it is not a one-to-one correspondence. We all sin, and we all experience tragedy. But we have to admit that some tragedies are far worse than others. Does that mean that the people who sin the "most" experience the worst tragedy? Of course not!

In the 13th chapter of Luke, Jesus made reference to a falling tower in Siloam. Jesus asked His disciples if they supposed that the 18 who were killed were worst sinners than anybody else. He explained that their individual sins had nothing to do with it, and that they should all count themselves lucky that it did not happen to them. We see and hear about it all the time. Falling bridges, hurricanes, and a host of other tragedies occur every single day. Some would call it just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Is it fair to blame God for these events? Before we blame God, maybe we should consider His Amazing Grace instead. Was it fair that He called Jesus "sin" when Jesus was an innocent man? Was it fair that Jesus was made to suffer, be humiliated, and forced to die an agonizing death in our place?

James 5:11 says, "The Lord is full of compassion and mercy."

Father, thank you for loving us and protecting us. Help us to focus on the great things You do, and not on the bad things You allow. In Jesus name, Amen.


  1. I needed to hear this today. I'm stuggling deeply with hurt, broken trust, and dishonesty from another sister in Christ. I can not understand if the same God that lives in me lives also in her that she could act the way she has and cause such great anger in me because she will not tell the truth. I'm deeply saddened and cling to my Lord asking for his grace, mercy, and compassion.