Monday, August 24, 2009

But We Won, Right?

This past Friday Night, Dothan High won their Jamboree game against Jeff Davis of Montgomery, 13-0. Being that we have only won a handful of games in the past 4 years, that's a really big deal, practice game or not. But coaches have a way of seeing things that the rest of us do not. Although we did win the game, and had moments of greatness, we also had moments where we looked totally awful! The coaches and players should not be satisfied with that win. Happy yes, but not satisfied. There were many things that the team must improve on before they tangle with powerhouse Eufaula this week. I can still remember a commercial on TV where a coach is screaming at his team in the locker room after a game. He is all but cussing them up one side and down the other. After his long outburst of yelling, a player finally asked, "But coach, didn't we win the game?"

Jesus died for us, and if we have accepted Him, then we are saved and heading to heaven; We have "won" the game. We certainly should be happy with that but not satisfied. If we take moral inventory of our lives, I am sure we will find many areas that need improving. We can never fix every area and live a perfect life. Nobody is able to do that. But we should not use that as an excuse not to try. Just as a team must strive to get better everyday, so do we. The only way we are able to get better is through the strength of Jesus. We probably will fail often. But God understands that human part of us. It is one thing to try and fail, it is something totally different to never even try at all. Will we stand before Him in heaven one day and plead, "But didn't we win?"

Revelation 21:7 says, "He that overcometh shall inherit all things."

Father, thank you for not requiring us to be perfect. But also, thank you for giving us strength to try. In Jesus name, Amen.

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  1. Wow!!! This post spoke to my heart a lot!!! Thank you for sharing it. God bless you!! :)) Do you need prayer for anything?