Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's All In The Name

This week on my Jukebox Saturday Night radio show, I will be featuring "weird inspiration" songs and groups. That is, I will be explaining the unusual circumstances behind the writing of some of Rock-n-Roll's most memorable songs and how some of the most famous groups got their names. Tune in this Saturday Night at 9 Central time at to find out what songs were inspired by a McDonald's Big Mac, a man in a bathroom, a menu from a Chinese restaurant, a poem written by a 19-year old in just 3 minutes, a bottle of soda pop, and many more. To wet your appetite, let me explain how the band Three Dog Night got their group name. You might remember Three Dog Night with such major hits as Joy To The World (Jeremiah was a bullfrog), Black and White, One (is the loneliest number), etc. In the Australian Outback, like most deserts, it can get scorching-hot during the daytime, and bone-chilling cold at night. To keep warm, some people would sleep with a dog to take advantage of its body heat. On really cold nights, they would use two dogs. And on those freezing-cold nights when your blood would almost turn to ice, that was a Three-Dog Night.

I have always liked the gospel song, The Lovely Name Of Jesus. In the song, it says that the name of Jesus is the name above all others. I suffer from occasional panic attacks, and what helps me more than anything during an episode is for me to continuously say "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus." There is just something about His name that calms and soothes me deep down in my heart and soul. It is amazing to me how such a short, simple name can have such incredible, lasting effects! We all face troubled times, even if we don't all suffer from anxiety attacks. We all know how it feels when things around us seem to be caving in on top of us. But there is something we can do to help. The next time you are experiencing a frigid "three-dog night" in your heart and life, allow the simple name of Jesus to warm you up all over. Believe me, it really works!

Romans 8:6 says, "The mind controlled by Jesus is life and peace."

Father, thank you again for Jesus. Please teach us to depend on Him more, and on ourselves less. In Jesus name, Amen.


  1. Allen, it takes alot of thought to write the devotions that you write are the most talented man I know and God works in you so much . Heres an analogy for you. You know how you are loosing weight and because you are with yourself every day , you just dont see it ? And then when someone else sees you who has not seen you in a while really notices it? And you say wow I really cant tell? Well, there you have it.. I will say no more accept "you got it". And I understand about saying jesus over and over. I too do that often because I can get worked up about things and used to have panic attacks myself , so bad that when I was driving I would completely wear the rubber off a gear shifter.Saying his name is real and it works. Sometimes I say jesus and sometimes I say God.Sometimes we think we are the only ones that do certain things....... Im glad you brought this out and am glad I dont feel like im the only one that does that......

  2. Such a lovely, simple truth. Thank you for driving this home. You're right: Nothing and no one has the healing and calming power of Jesus, and He is right there for us. All we have to do is call him. Wonder why, then, that is the very action so many of us (myself ashamedly included) forget?

    And rock on with the affect/effect thing! Woohoo! :0)