Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We Need A Tutor

Today, I started tutoring a few students at the high school who have previously failed the math portion of the Alabama Graduation Exam. The principal of the school called me about two weeks ago and asked me if I wanted to do it. The tutoring lasts 4 hours per day for a total of 8 days. When he asked me about doing it on the phone, and told me how much it would pay, I jumped at the chance! This pay is above and beyond my regular salary, and it is very good pay! For the past two weeks, all I have been able to think about is how I could spend the money. My daughter and I will be needing back-to-school clothes, I need (want) a new grill, a new big-screen TV would be nice, and...and..and..You know how it can be when you get some extra money in your pocket. For the past two weeks, I have been thanking God for the extra money and have really shared with people how He has blessed me financially with this tutoring job. But as I arrived at the school this morning, something hit me completely out of the blue.

This whole time, all I could think about was me and how much money I would be making. I never thought for a second about those students who may need me. Please don't let me sound boastful or like I am bragging, but just maybe, those kids do need me to help them. I mean, I know they need some teacher to help, but maybe it is ME personally that they need. I am fortunate to have a very high success rate when teaching students who have failed this major exam in the past. To date, my success rate is over 95% of students passing the Grad Exam. I have always believed that God called me to be a teacher, and I tend to be one of the students' favorite. That simply verifies in my heart that God is behind my teaching. So maybe it was God's plan that I personally take time from my summer vacation to help them. (Again, I pray that you don't think I am being boastful, just fortunate). But sadly, instead of thanking God for the opportunity to help these students, all I could think about was the money. I will earn $800 from this job. I have to admit that I did spend $200 today on a brand-new grill. But I have decided that I am committing the other $600 to God. Maybe you can comment on this devotion and suggest a good, Christian way I can give the $600. I know there is nothing wrong with splurging on ourselves sometimes, but I guess what hit me so hard this morning was my intent for taking on this job in the first place. I am ashamed. So if you have time, please suggest a way I can give the rest to the Lord.

Proverbs 22:9 says, "A generous man will himself be blessed, for he shares his food with the poor."

Father, forgive me for thinking more about the money than the students. I know You have blessed me with this abundance. Please direct me in the way You would have me share it. In Jesus name, Amen.


  1. $600 is a lot of money. That’s cool that you want to give it to God. :O) What about starting a scholarship at your school where there is a math concentration or description involved for a senior going to college? Or… start a local foundation with it with an emphasis on education for kids in your area? I am just thinking out loud.

    God bless you always! And…. May He take that $600 and multiply it,


  2. Good morning Allen,
    I just finished reading your devotion for the day, first off what an honor it must be to of been asked for this summer tutoring. I believe it truly should tell you even more that teaching IS what God wanted for you in this life. There are many teachers who helped me along the way, though many of the reasons were far from book learning, but life learning and helping one another...No, I did not take this as you boasting yourself, sometimes you have to fully explain things for one to truly understand where you are coming from.
    I have always pledged to God that if I were ever fortunate in life to be blessed with a large sum of money, I would give in many areas, first and for most to area food banks, because I know first hand that sometimes in life it is truly and soully them who can help a mother feed her children. And now a days it is even more apparent for so many in life in uncertain times. Though they say things are better than they were not long ago, but if you really look at someone who was struggling before, they were hit much harder than most. Also, I personally help out area shelters, because sometimes in ones life they may have no place to go and lay their head..No, I have been fortunate enough to have never have to take my children to one, though at times I though I may.
    God choose you for this summer program. God choose you to be the great teacher that you are, you should never doubt that aspect in your life. Keep doing Gods work and you will continue to receive favor in his name.
    Those were my ideas, but also you must know that no it is not wrong to splurge on oneself. You will make an impact on these children, just as you do with others in life everyday life. Don't doubt that either. They need you, give them ALL that you have, as I know that you will Allen.
    Well I will close this by again saying thank you for such a wonderful devotion. I am hoping you have a super blessed day!!


  3. What a gift(your teaching talent) and blessing (the unexpected income) that God has given you! I am glad that you want to give some of your money to a good cause. There is nothing wrong with splurging on yourself now and then, though, and saving for a time when you may need is an idea as well. There are so many good causes to donate money too, I have not real suggestions for a donation.

  4. Well, tithing to your local church would be my first suggestion. Without God's people giving back 10% of all that God has given, us our churchs would not be able to minister to others in our communities. It's Gods anyway...be obedient and give it back. :)

  5. You may have already found a good home for your $600 but these are my thoughts. The first fruit of the tithe from the $800 goes to God. Then you give an offering. This offering is to whatever good cause you choose. Then you save some for you and your daughter. Then you spend some.It is ok to reward yourself with the fruit (payment) of your labor (job). God always wants us to have more than we got. We settle for way too less than what He wants for us.