Monday, November 15, 2010

Pure Hell

I am writing this devotion just to get it off my chest. I invite you to give your thoughts in the "comments" section. When I read the testimony of Elizabeth Smart and learn of the pure hell her captor put her through, first of all, I realize I have no problems that can even compare. Second, how could a person possibly be so cruel to another human being? How could that monster completely rob that little 14-year old baby of her life? And this question hurts to ask: How could a loving, caring God ALLOW that child to go through such horror? I know it is not my place to question God, and I also know He lets people make up their own minds. I understand it was not God's fault, but why would He allow it to happen?

I love the Lord and believe He will "fix" humanity one day. It almost makes me think I am sinning to ask God why He would allow this to happen, for He is perfect and none of us come close to understanding His perfect ways. But He also gave me a brain and a heart. Doesn't He understand that sometimes we can be so over-whelmed by grief that we may ask such questions? Is it alright for us to be "upset with God" during these times?


  1. This kind of sinfulness breaks my heart too! You need to read the book "The Shack" by William P. Young. It is phenomenal, and really helps ease my mind about issues just like this. It serves as a reminder that our God is Just (not necessarily "fair") and that horrible things can be used to His Glory and are always a part of a bigger picture we can't always understand or see.

  2. I know what you mean. It says in the Bible not to lean on our own understanding. I think of that every time something horribly evil happens to someone, especially a child.

  3. I agree, to an extent. But, as Sarah mentions, we are "not to lean on our own understanding." God has reasons for everything he does, and we can't -- won't -- understand them. I don't believe we are meant to. Only God sees the big picture, and for some things, we are just going to see the little piece that makes absolutely no sense. That is where faith comes in. And that is what makes faith so difficult, sometimes.

    Thank you for bringing this up, and opening our eyes yet again. God is good ... even when we don't know why things happen the way they do ... because HE does.

  4. Allen I totally agree with what you are saying and it's the most horrible thing imaginable to happen to a kid.Howewer..... look at Elizabeth Smart today...... She is one of the most mature level headed and strong women on the face of this earth .She is the picture of health! This woman will travel around the world giving testimony of her experiences and make a difference in so many lives....."Lean not on your own understanding and ask why" always , always, always theres a reason for the things god allows to happen, in other words good will come out of the bad that happened to her. Shes reaping the good right now. Horrible thing happened= good life produced.You know the "Math" Allen.She is and will be an inspiration for millions and watching her become a strong beautiful woman and conquer the world as she has since this happened is a testament that god changes lives and we overcome on his blessings and trials.Got to look now at the positive from the hell she went through its the out come not the action that makes the difference. Ok, thats my 2 cents worth .