Thursday, September 15, 2011

Free Ride

In the early 80's, Dan Hartman recorded a hit called I Can Dream About You.  Hartman was a long-time singer/songwriter who once played in the band The Edgar Winter Group, a hard-rock band formed by Edgar Winter of Beaumont Texas.  In fact, Hartman wrote one of their most memorable hits, Free Ride, in 1973.  It is a very catchy, up-tempo song that is now famous for a couple of very hot guitar licks.  I have always liked the song, but recently I really started focusing on the lyrics.  They are powerful, and although I know Hartman probably didn't have this in mind when he wrote the song, they almost sound like lyrics about Jesus Christ and His plan of Salvation.  Check this out:

 The mountain is high, the valley is low
And you're confused 'bout which way to go
So I flew here to give you a hand
And lead you into the promised land

So, come on and take a free ride (free ride)
Come on and take it by my side
Come on and take a free ride

Jesus does in fact offer us a free ride to heaven.  He booked our trip and paid for our tickets when He gave His life on Calvary.  All we have to do now is accept His gift.  Like the lyrics in the song say, there is no reason for us to be confused about which way to go, nor is there any reason we should wait any longer to accept His "once-in-a-lifetime" offer.  I can still remember before I became a Christian, that I would feel an almost unexplainable tugging sensation deep inside whenever I would contemplate God.  Of course now I know that that was the calling of the Holy Spirit.  I am so glad I finally answered His call.  I just wish I would have done it sooner.  The last verse of Free Ride is:

We got to do better
It's time to begin.
You know all the answers,
are a stones-throw within.

Father, thank-you for offering me a Free Ride to the Promised Land.  I pray for all those who are not Christians and who may be struggling with this decision.  In Jesus name, Amen.  



  1. Loved that devotion! As many times as I have heard "Free Ride",
    I have never thought of it that way ... excellent analogy!!

  2. Love it! I am touched by your prayers at the end of your devotions.