Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Put My Foot In My Mouth

Recently, I received a traffic ticket. By the way just in case you didn't know, when a police car is on the side of a 4-lane road with its blue lights activated, you MUST change lanes if you can. I usually do, but I had no idea it was a law. It's a law alright: $166 worth! I procrastinated until the final 24 hours to pay the ticket. On the ticket, there was printed a website I could go on to pay the ticket On-line. But, that service was not yet working for my county. Figures! Then there was a number I could call for information. Of course there was no real person on the other end as it was totally automated. The info said I could pay by cash, cashier's check, MasterCard, or VISA. So after 30 minutes of driving around the courthouse, in the pouring rain, trying to find a parking place, I finally was on my way inside to get this ticket taken care of once and for all. The clerk said, "May I help you?" That's when the real circus began!

As I walked up to her and handed her the ticket, she asked if I wanted to pay it. "Yes", I told her. She ran it through the computer and then told me the amount, $166. As I pulled out my VISA card, she told me, "We don't take VISA in this office. We only take credit cards through our automated 1-800 number. Getting very frustrated, I informed her that the number was not working for Houston County. She replied, "I don't have anything to do with that, you must pay here with cash or a Cashier's Check", of which I had neither. So I had to leave the office, go back out in the pouring rain, go to the bank, come back and drive around for another 30 minutes trying to find a parking place, and go back inside and do it all over again! I was furious! And I let her know all about my frustrations too. I embarrassed myself with the near-scene I was causing. As I was ranting and raving at her, she noticed my name. She then said something that stopped my dead in my tracks. She said, "Oh, I read your Christian devotions everyday...I love 'em." Needless to say, I wanted to simply melt into the floor. God puts us in situations to Glorify Him. I failed miserably yesterday. Please take my advice: God is testing us. Please don't let Him down like I did.

Proverbs 14:17 says, "He that is soon angry dealeth foolishly."

Father, forgive me for acting like a fool. Help me to do better next time. I am embarrassed and ashamed. In Jesus name, Amen.


  1. God has such a way of humbling us. What a great lesson in remebering that we are the Jesus that others see and how they seem Him makes all the difference. Are we portraying HIM the way he truly is? Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a great story!! We do have to be on our toes all the time, don't we!

    How did she find out about your devotional page? Do you promote it locally somehow?

    That lady will read your devotional this morning. That is a good way to come clean!

  3. I like to refer to it as open mouth insert shoe store because for me one shoe just doesn't cover it. I love to think of her reading your post today. She was used of God for you my friend. What a blessing!

  4. It's only a failure if we don't get back up and learn to "grow in God".

    It seems the devil was prodding you on and then God spoke through that woman to let you know how much He loves you and what a good person you really are.

    Thanks for sharing that because we've all had that experience to some degree or another.



  5. wow. What a lesson on being a life witness in all that we do. In all that we do, do it undo the Lord. A reminder to us that we are God's representatives. The disbeliever loves to watch us trip up just as much as they hate our holiness.

    Thanks for sharing and thanks for reading my blog and leading me to yours. Don'tcha just love how God teaches us lessons through eachother? This reminds me of a similiar story of mine.