Friday, November 20, 2009

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

I am in the middle of a battle with a spider at my house. The little fellow built a web from one bush in my yard to another. The web stretches right across the walkway, blocking anybody who wants to come to the front door. I knocked it down about a week ago. The very next day, he had built the web back. So I made sure the second time that it was knocked completely down and destroyed. Mr. spider built it right back. Yesterday, I all but pulled up the bushes so he could not rebuild. But this morning, the web was back! Persistent isn't he?

I only hope I can be as persistent in my walk with Christ as that spider is with his web in my yard. Satan is constantly trying to knock us down and keep us from rebuilding. But like that spider, we need to never stop trying to build back all that the devil destroys. There is nothing he can knock down in our lives that Christ can't pick back up. Jesus defeated Satan at the Cross, and He has been whipping him ever since! Don't let Satan get the best of you. Show him who is in control of your life. Allow Jesus to frustrate Satan as much as Mr. spider is frustrating me. I have a plan today; Mr. spider is going down!

I John 3:8 says, "For this purpose the Son of Man was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil."

Father, thank you for helping us fight Satan. Please help us to always put You in complete control of our lives.


  1. LOL...I never would have compared a spider's web to Jesus. You are GOOD!

  2. This spider..he keeps building his web in the same spot and you keep knocking it down. I'm drawing the conclucion that Mr. Spider has put himself in the wrong spot.

    Christians seem to find themselves in this same predicament. They're knocked down over and over, no matter how persistent they are. What do they do then? Make a change, try a new spot.

    You want to get rid of Mr. Spider? Put him in a box and move him to a new bush where he can rebuild his web, new and strong.

  3. This subject is motivation... inspired. Fall down ...get up... fall down ...get up. That's what God wants us to do , no matter what is thrown at us or no matter what stands in our way. He wants us to keep our eyes on the prize! We are broken down ... So lets rebuild! Gosh you have me on Fire with this one !! I could write a book on this subject!! Fantastic , Allen!!!!!