Thursday, November 5, 2009


We can all read the Bible and still get confused about what it actually says. Let's face it, the Bible can be very confusing in parts. And we have been warned by bible scholars to not take verses out of context; we must read several verses and put them all together to get the true meaning. The issue I want to look at today is what sins will send a Believer to hell. Suicide? Murder? Rape? Some believe that the murder and rape can be forgiven because the sinner has a chance to repent, but the suicide is final since one can't repent from that. I am not a preacher or scholar. But my conviction is even suicide can be forgiven. The Bible says that only Blasphemy against the Holy Ghost is unforgivable. Since the bible doesn't say suicide is unforgivable, I have to believe that Jesus' death on the Cross was even sufficient for that.

In my classroom, we were talking about how long it takes an object to free-fall from various heights. There is a formula that can be used to determine the answers. We found that the objects that fell from the top of the World Trade Center on 9-11 took roughly 10 seconds to fall to earth. One of my students said, "You mean the person I saw jump from the top of the building hit the ground in less than 10 seconds?". Then the conversation shifted to the fact that that person committed suicide since they jumped to their death. So I asked what the alternative to jumping would have been. So the choice was for the person to just stand there and be burned alive, or jump and make the inevitable instantaneous and painless. Then one of my students said that jumping would not have been suicide since the person would not have been in their right mind. My argument then is what about the person that puts a gun to their head and pulls the trigger. Are they in their right mind? My deepest conviction is that Jesus died for ALL our sins...including suicide.

Romans 6:14 says, "For sin shall not have dominion over you; for ye are NOT under the law, but under GRACE." (emphasis added)

Father, thank you for sending Your only Son Jesus to die for ALL our sins. Help us to find comfort when we experience a friend who has committed suicide. In Jesus name, Amen.


  1. Allen!

    You've got true moxie to address such a controversial topic, and I'm so, so glad you did.

    Like you, I believe suicide is forgiveable. Only the Lord knows where a person's heart and mind are in those last intense moments. I can scarce overstate how strongly I feel about this.

    Most of us have been touched by suicide. My grandfather took his life before I was born. More recently, my uncle. Still more recently, a friend's husband. (I give these examples merely to illustrate how many lives this topic affects.) It's humbling to think about the pain they endured ... whatever the circumstances that led them to make those decisions. But it's important to remember that we are all children to the Lord, and we are all quite weak as humans.

    It breaks my heart when someone speaks of a suicidal person in a judgmental way. "Too bad ... he's going to hell." Who are any of us to judge? As strong and faithful as we may feel, we are all very much human, and the stark reality is that any of us could find ourselves in the crux of that very decision one day.

    As you pointed out in the devotion, this topic garners a lot of discussion among theologians. All sorts of perspective issues come into play (how much of a Bible literalist the scholar may be, etc.). I believe our God is benevolent and loving, and I trust His infinite wisdom and judgment. When one of his children cries out to Him, He, and only He, knows it.

  2. We serve a God of compassion, love and mercy. He is also an all knowing God and is a rightous judge. I'm so thankful for that. I don't know a lot, but these truths I am sure of and provide me with great comfort each and every day, as I work with those who are not only physically ill, but mentally ill as well.

  3. I agree. I think that Jesus can forgive us all regardless of what it is. Great post!! Have a really blessed weekend!!