Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Use Me, Lord

I got the most exciting news today!  I have been writing devotions for a few years now.  I am not a professional writer nor am I a Bible scholar.  I write devotions because it helps me stay in-tune to what God is speaking to me.  As you know, the Bible can be very hard to interpret and understand.  I do a lot of praying before, during, and after my Bible study.  I also like to use a few sites from the Internet to help research topics.  I want to HIGHLY recommend www.gotquestions.org.  I have used this site for a couple years.  It is a topic-related site which answers thousands of questions about anything you want to know about the Bible, God, Jesus, Christianity, etc.  I honestly feel God through this site.  It is awesome, and I hope you will get a chance to check it out.  If you have a question about a topic, Email it to them, and within a couple days, they respond with your answers, completely backed-up by Bible verses.

I saw a link on their site where they were taking applications to be a volunteer writer.  For about a year, I never even considered it because their writers are much, much better than I am.  But I got to thinking that just maybe it could be in God's will for me.  So I applied.  After completing a few surveys and such, I got a response today.  It began, "Congratulations Allen!  Welcome aboard!"  Praise God.  I almost shouted for joy right in front of my classroom.  So now, when people write to them with their questions, they direct those questions to their volunteer writers to answer.  They told me to prayerfully research the topic, answer their question, and then send it to the editors who, thankfully, clean it up and make it sound like a professional wrote it.  Can you tell I am excited?  Now, I will grow in the Lord simply by studying harder to answer questions.  I admit I am nervous, but also I know that Jesus has my back.  It was Him that got me to this point in my life, anyway.  And I am as thrilled as I have ever been.  PRAISE GOD!

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