Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Doing A Better Job

It was on this day, March 18, 1925 that the worst single tornado disaster occurred. Known simply as "The Tri-State Tornado", this one twister plowed through the states of Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri killing 689 people, the most ever killed from a single tornado. This death toll is more than twice as high as the second worst tornado in American history (1840 Natchez, Miss.). I looked up the 25 worst tornadoes in history while researching for today's devotion. By "worst", I mean the most deaths caused by a single twister. The majority of those incidents occurred in the late 1800's and early 1900's, with the most modern twister on the list touching down in 1953. Due to such instruments as satellites, radar, TV, radio, and NOAA warning systems, far fewer people are killed today from single tornadoes. The time, effort, and money spent on research have undoubtedly led to technological advancements that have saved countless lives.

Let me ask you a very serious question. It is a question I am also asking myself. Are you making advances spiritually? From the time you first accepted Christ until now, have you grown to learn more about Him? Are you spending time each day in His Word? Are you studying the Scriptures and trying a little harder each day to put those Scriptures into practice? Are you spending more quality time with Jesus in prayer? For me, it seems to run in cycles. Some days I hit the spiritual trail running, trying to lead as many to Christ as I possibly can. But then other days, I find myself on somewhat of a spiritual "vacation", just barely getting through the day. Our Christian walk with God is just that, a walk. It is not a run or a sprint. Running and sprinting can tire us out much faster than an easy-paced walk. Maybe we should be more like the turtle and less like the hare. By making small advances spiritually everyday, after a while, those small advances can lead to huge increases...increases that just might enable us to lead more lives to Jesus. Think about just how many lives could be saved spiritually as a result of our personal Christian "advances".

James 1:22 says, "But be doers of the word and not hearers only."

Father, please help us to mature in Christ. Help equip us in ways that will allow You to use us to further Your Kingdom. In Jesus name, Amen.

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  1. Another awesome blog!! I was on a spiritual vacation not very long ago and the scary thing is I teach Youth Sunday School. THAT'S scary, but the Lord woke me up in a mighty way. He keeps showing me Himself and it's daily. Sometimes my blessings are so huge that I'm overwhelmed. He's taught me what true Joy and Peace are! I'm so excited about all He's done for me that I'm afraid sometimes that it sounds like I'm bragging but I'm not, I'm just so EXCITED!!! God is SO good!!