Friday, March 6, 2009

We Are Protected

As I prepared for today's devotion, I was reminded of just how weak my knowledge of the Bible really is. Granted, the Bible can be confusing to just about anybody. But I have a deep-rooted conviction about learning more of what the Bible means. My devotion today concerns Satan and 1/3 of the angelic population that was cast out of heaven by God. Exactly how and when this occurred, if at all, seems to be a common debate among Bible scholars. All I can do is read what the Bible actually says about it and pray that God reveals the true meaning to me. It is my belief from what I have read from Scripture that this casting-out was an actual event that took place some time in the past, and that today, 1/3 of all the angels are here on earth trying to keep us from living a Christ-centered life. But if that is true, then 2/3 of all the angels are also here to help us! That means for every angel that is trying to destroy us, there are 2 angels fighting for us! I like those odds!

It is clear that God wants us to live a peaceful, happy life. But because of sin, that is not always the case. But don't you find it comforting that He has placed twice as many helping angels around us as He has fallen angels? We all have our moments of joy and sadness, peace and turmoil, excitement and heartbreak. But as long as we keep Christ at the center of our life, I believe there will always be twice as much good as there will be bad while here on earth. But one Glorious Day, it will all be good! So until that day, keep this in mind: As we battle in our daily spiritual tug-of-war, we have twice as many on our side as "they" do on the other side. And as long as we keep Jesus as our "anchor", we can't lose!

Hebrews 1:14 says, "Angels are servants-spirits sent to care for people who will inherit salvation."

Father, thank you for sending Your angels when we are troubled. Remind us that no matter how bad things may get, much better things are only a moment away. In Jesus name, Amen.

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  1. I LOVE those odds. And at this time I am being led to stop smoking (head hangs in shame at admitting that I smoke), so those odds are a GREAT comfort to me.

    You may not have a great knowledge of the Bible...although I can't tell that, but you seem to possess a Godly wisdom. Keep it up, I'm loving it :)