Monday, September 28, 2009

Spanking Is Ok

As a public education teacher, It does not take me long to figure out which kids get disciplined with a paddle and which ones do not. I hope nobody takes offence to this devotion. I am in no way trying to tell you how to raise your child. If you decide not to paddle your kids and to use some other form of punishment, that is fine. I also realize that some parents go too far when they "spank" their children. So whatever opinions are worth, here goes mine: Our school system has set up weekly workshops on how to be a better parent. Such topics are, curfewing, ways to talk to your child, and how to motivate your child to do chores around the house. Those could be good topics for parents. But there is one topic that is scheduled that bothers me...a lot: Why you should never spank your child. Again, if you choose not to spank your child, that's your business. But to tell me I can't spank mine is wrong. First of all, spanking is accepted in the Bible. Enough said! But further, I was spanked when I was a child, and believe me, it made me do a whole lot more right than wrong. My grandparents LOVED me enough to paddle me when I got out of line. If you don't spank your child and instead, some other form of punishment works, than that is wonderful; By all means, use it. But I can tell you as a whole, many kids have missed a few needed spankings.

I get tired of hearing all that psychology junk about how we are to "reason" with our kids and to use "timeout" with our kids. If that stuff works for you and can make your child do what is right, then yes, that form of discipline is good. But more times than not, I see 10 and 11-year olds back-talking their parents while the parents are "reasoning" with them. My grandparents knew how to "reason" with me...many times, I could hardly sit down because of that reasoning. I have students today that use profanity, are disrespectful, and just down-right mean! Many times after I call their parents, I see where the kids get it from. People, If you are gonna let your child cuss you, call you names, and run all over you at home, what do you think they are going to do at school? HOME Schooling is an option...

Proverbs 13:24 says, "He who spares his rod (of discipline) hates his son, but he who loves him diligently disciplines and punishes him early."

Father, please help us to be better parents. Our prisons are full today because some parents did not discipline their kids yesterday. In Jesus name, Amen.


  1. Hello Al
    Thank you for your visit to my blog,and your comment...I loved my trip to the UK,I just put up some pics on churches and a great Abbey in Washford, if you care to come over and see.I agree with your sentiments,I raised my children with spankings...and it did no harm,it in fact taught them when some thing was a serious offence in our home as apposed to something considered a smaller offence.In fact my son who is now 25 years old,has said that he probably would have been much more rebellious if it were not for spanks.He does not have any anger towards us (his parents) either.We did not beat our children black and blue,nor were we cruel,and when another form of discipline worked that's the one we used first, the spank was always the last resort.
    Good post
    Look forward to reading more.

  2. Spare the rod and spoil the child ... worked for my parents, worked for my children. I, like you, do not condone abuse, but a much needed spanking says more than any "reasoning" can do. If I'd backtalked my mama like I've heard so many kids today do ... well, let's just say, I'd have spent much more time standing up!!

  3. When I was growing up my dad was in the Air Force and he was a very strict father. I have 4 brothers and no sisters so I was treated like the boys. If you looked at my dad wrong without the proper respect you would get slappped. I used to think my dad hated me because of the spankings but I now realize and am glad he did what he did because it has made me the person I am today. I demand respect and I have raised my son to be respectful as well. Spanking is a great thing as long as it is done with love and for the right reasons . Beating has no place in our society. "Thanks Dad" for being hard on me...... I dont know where I would be right now had you not been that way.

  4. Sooo glad I was whooped as a kid.