Monday, July 27, 2009

Rockin' Robin

It was on this day in 1990 that singer Bobby Day died of cancer. Day is best known for his 1958 Pop hit "Rockin Robin". The song was inspired by a true story. It was written by Leon Rene, who lived in a two-story home in Los Angeles with his wife Irma and son Rafael. Leon and Irma had separate bedrooms-hers was in the front of the house and his in the back. Early one spring morning, a robin perched on a tree in the front yard and started chirping and putting up a major racket, right under Irma's bedroom window. This went on for about a week. She complained that the bird was keeping her from getting all her sleep. Leon was less than sympathetic. He told her, "Oh it's ok, that bird is just a singer like us. All he is doing is hoping and bopping and singing his song." But the next day, the bird took up residence under Leon's window. The composer then changed his "tune". It resulted in a Top-5 song on Billboard's Pop Chart.

How many of us are like Leon? We don't consider how things effect other people's feelings until that same thing happens to us. The Bible tells us that we should share in others good times and their bad times. We should laugh and cry right along with them. That's what it means to truly care about other people. Jesus was "moved to tears" when He saw how the death of Lazarus effected his two sisters Martha and Mary. But it is more than just when death strikes. Death does cause all of us to feel pain with others. But what about the little things? We should consider that no matter how small things seem to us, to somebody else, it could be something major. Unless we have experienced that same thing, we should not allow ourselves to think less of their problem. Today, let's all try to share with others whatever it is that is bothering them. Because in doing so, we are showing just how much we truly care for others. And that pleases our Lord.

1Peter 4:8 says, "Love others deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins."

Father, please help us to put our own desires aside and to consider others. We know that You have commanded us to love each other. Please teach us to love deeply. In Jesus name, Amen.


  1. I had no idea the origin of that song and I only know the Jackson 5 version but I sing it all the time :) Just yesterday as a matter of fact.

    You are right, loved this one =)

  2. Love 'em 'till they ask you why! My reply, it is Christ in me the hope of glory!