Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Weird Inspiration

As most of you know, I host an oldies radio show nationwide on 104.9. If you do not live in the area, you can listen to my show on Saturday nights from 6 till 11 from my website http://www.alskipper.com/. It is called Jukebox Saturday Night, and I would love it if you listened sometime. As this is my 22nd year in radio, I have studied oldies music a pretty good bit. I have gotten such a great response from my "song devotions" lately, I decided to do one more for the week. This is a true, weird inspiration story:

A singer/songwriter was sitting out on his balcony in New York City one night in 1967. He had just written what he thought was a great pop song. The only problem was that he did not have a title for the song. He wanted the title to be perfect! He knew he wanted the title of the song to be a girl's name, and he also desperately wanted a catchy name like Bony Moronie or Sloopy. He was totally frustrated. He spent hours looking through a dictionary but just could not find what he was looking for. Aggravated, he threw the dictionary on the floor and gave up. As he sat back in his chair and gazed out across the New York skyline, he saw a flashing neon sign on a 40-story building a few blocks away. The sign was flashing the letters of the company. It was an insurance company called Mutual of New York. As the letters flashed, the songwriter read it: M.O.N.Y M.O.N.Y. "That's it" he shouted! The songwriter's name, Tommy James, of the group the Shondels, and his song, Mony Mony, became a million-seller the very next year!

Isn't God absolutely amazing? He can inspire us from the most unusual sources. We all want to please Him and to learn what His will is for our lives. But if you are like me, you have noticed that He does not always simply shout out what He wants us to do. But I do believe he tells us and guides us, though sometimes in the most silent ways. Unless we take time to stop what we are doing and look around for His words, however, we may never "see" them. I wonder how many times He has tried to lead me in one direction, but I was not listening and went in another. There's no doubt if I had been paying 100% attention to Him, things in my life would be much better than they are right now. But it is never too late to start tuning more into Him. Has He been speaking to you lately? Are you sure?

Isaiah 42:16 says, "I will lead the blind by ways they have not known..."

Father, teach us to seek You more diligently than we ever have before. Forgive us for being so blind and deaf to Your leading. In Jesus name, Amen.

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  1. Listening to him is sometimes hard to do because we wonder if its him or our subconscience talking. When we become tuned into god we can tell the difference. I battle with this all the time. Good post!