Saturday, July 4, 2009

A True Love I Can't Express

When I read the words that others write
You know, the ones that truly have a skill.

I wonder why I should even bother

to write down the words that I feel.

Although the thoughts and feelings

are so deeply in my heart

I just can't seem to figure out

how to write them from the start.

The ones in which You have given talent

seem to write the words with ease

the very same words I think of

but that my fingers fail to seize.

You know what is in my heart, Lord

and how much I honestly do love You.

I just wish I could spill it all out

so that others could see it too.

But until the day I can figure out

how to bring the thoughts to this screen

I ask you to read straight from my soul

the words You know I truly mean.

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