Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Are You Serious?

Students have really changed over the years that I have been teaching and from the years I went to school.  On the first night of my college classes, I generally do those first-night things:  Introduce myself, welcome them to my class, go over the expectations of the class, and then start on page one in the book.  It used to be that everyone had their books the first night and were ready to start digging-in.  But these days, I get this question, "Are you serious?  You are going to actually teach us the first night?"  It starts steam-rolling down-hill from there.  "Do we really have to do homework?  Do you take roll?  Does it matter how many nights we miss?  When do you do make-up tests?  Again, this is my college class, not high school.  After I burst a few bubbles and tell them, "YES you have to be here, Yes you have to do homework, YES you have to study in order to pass", it is amazing how many don't even show-up again.  In 24 hours, I can usually weed through those who are serious about their education and those who are not.

Jesus had it going on!  He had his disciples all around Him and they were so eager to learn from this awesome God/man.  They were all so ready with bright-eyes and bushy tails.  But then Jesus lowered the boom, so-to-speak.  In a nut-shell, He told them that they could not follow Him half-heartily.  There were no kind-a or sort-a; It was all or nothing.  He certainly burst a few bubbles that day.  The Bible verse says, "When they heard Him say this, they turned away from Him and followed no more."  Ironically, the quote is John 6:66.  Are we asking God if we have to do our homework, come to class, and study his Word real hard?  Are we kinda sorta following Him?  Are we serious about our God education?

Father, please help us follow you closer than we have been.  Forgive us, for we are only humans.  But also please help us not to over-use that excuse, either.  You are the King of Kings!  I am very honored to be in Your "Class".


  1. I love it! How very appropriate :) Thanks, once more, for making me think!

  2. Good Morning Allen,

    This one…. Is really great! Thank you so much for sharing! :O) Have an awesome day!

    Faith, Peace, Love, , Joy and Hope in Christ,


    Jody L. Meyer