Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Make Small Corrections

As an airplane is on final approach to land, the pilot must make small navigational corrections in order to stay in line with the center of the runway and to keep the craft at the proper decent angle. One of the common mistakes of an inexperienced pilot is to make more drastic corrections than are needed. By over-compensating, the pilot can quickly loose control of the craft and have to abort the landing, or worse.

Sometimes in our lives when we have lost something or want something very badly, instead of taking small steps to get there, we too can tend to "over-compensate". In our desperate attempt to gain that for which we long, we may find ourselves taking drastic measures to get it. But that will only cause us to lose control. The only way to get those things we want is to completely yield to God's will. We have proven time and again that if we try to do the work ourselves, we just mess it up worse than what is was before. If something is very valuable to us, it may take some time to get it. We can't rush the Lord, for He knows best. The best thing we can do is let go, and let God. If we totally put our trust in Him, He is able to help us overcome the most impossible situations. If you are dealing with a tough circumstance in your life, before you accidentally make a crash landing, hand the controls over to the True Pilot.

Jesus said in Luke 17: 5-6, "If you have faith as small as a mustard seed...NOTHING would be impossible" (emphasis added)

Father, forgive me for trying to handle my situation on my own. Remind me that I must keep it completely in Your hands. In Jesus name, Amen.

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  1. Here is another devotion that I have read over and over. And It is so true. I know that when I try to push things and make things happen according to how and when I want them to happen , I totally make a mess of things too. God has everything under control and we just have to wait, be quiet and listen.. Patience is a blessing and such a valuble trait to have .