Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Middle East Fairy Tales?

I was reading on-line today from our local newspaper and came across an opinion from a viewer that caught my attention. In his opinion, he claimed that the Bible was nothing more than "a book of Middle Eastern fairy tales." Now I have to admit that I once did not believe much of the Bible and also thought it was just a collection of made-up stories. But praise God, I now believe that it is not just a collection of made-up stories; It is the truly inspired Word of God Almighty.

As "proof" to why it is more than just a collection of fairy tales, I challenge anyone to find a single Bible prophesy that has been wrong. There are many that are yet to be fulfilled, but none that can be shown to be wrong. And there are several ( more than 300) that have already been fulfilled, hundreds and even thousands of years after first being written. In fact, those phrophies are so accurate, that modern-day skeptics conclude that they must have been written after the fact, despite archaeological evidence to prove otherwise. Check this out from Kraft and Lahaye, 2006:

Fulfilled Bible Prophecies

A number of prophecies found in the Bible have already been fulfilled. For instance, in the Book of Daniel, the prophet Daniel identifies the ascendance and succession of world empires that would be established throughout history, from the time he spoke until the end of the age. He even identifies the breakup of the Greek Empire into four separate kingdoms following the death of Alexander the Great. These prophecies are so detailed, that until recently, many historians were convinced the Book of Daniel was written after these events occurred. However, recent archaeological discoveries have unearthed copies of the Book of Daniel that pre-date the aforementioned events. Examples of other Bible prophecies fulfilled include:

1) The Babylonian captivity

2) The exact length of the Babylonian captivity
3) The end of the Babylonian captivity at the hands of a Persian king named Cyrus
4) The prophecies of the “suffering Messiah”
5) The destruction of the Temple in A.D. 70
6) The disbursement of Israel among the nations (the Diaspora)
7) The gradual re-gathering of Israel as a nation
8) The re-establishment of Israel as a nation in a single day
9) Israel as a “burdensome stone” among the nations during the last days

There are several other amazing, fulfilled prophesies about Jesus, but I have not included those because skeptics will argue that those prophesies can only be proved by the Bible itself, and by no other secular sources. The ones above can be verified by any history book. Those old Bible prophets were more accurate than today's National Weather Service. It must have been God's Divine Word. We must agree that there are many Bible skeptics out there today. But maybe that is the reason Jesus has not come back yet. He wants every single person to come to the truth and be saved. We Christians have a lot of work to do. But God will help us.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, "To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven."

Father, help us to remember that there are still many lost souls out there. Help us to reach those people and tell them about the Good News of Jesus Christ. For it's in His name, Amen.

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