Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Hope Is Greater Than My Sorrow

I watched a show this past Sunday on TV about a group of five friends who went out on a 3-day sailing trip. On the second night of their trip, a rouge wave from a sudden storm slammed into the port side of their yacht, which caused it to capsize. The captain had just enough time to send out an urgent SOS before they all scrambled to abandon ship. All five of them managed to climb safely into the lifeboat, where they rode out the remainder of the storm. Unfortunately, the SOS that the captain sent out was never received by anyone. Their terrifying ordeal lasted a devastating 12 days before they were finally rescued. But by then, only two survivors remained, as one of the original five died from dehydration and exposure, while two others were eaten alive by sharks. The story that the two survivors told was absolutely amazing! They explained that the way they made it was that they remained positive, and not only did they simply hope rescue was only an hour or so away, they actually expected it to be. That expectation of rescue helped them to focus on hope and excitement instead of on the fear and despair of their situation.

When we are going through troubled seas, it can oftentimes seem like God is nowhere around. I have been experiencing some rough trials lately, and I have been sending out an SOS to Him almost hourly. It seems like He is not hearing my distress call, although I know He is because the Scriptures guarantee it (Psalm 55:17). What is making my situation a little more bearable is that I am trying to stay focused on the "rescue ship" that I know He will send me, and not on the pain and confusion of my current troubles. I have no idea why He has not already sent rescue, but I am trying so hard to remain faithful to Him and to trust that His timing is perfect! There is no doubt I am in survival mode. But by staying focused on Him, I will survive!
Psalm 50:15 says, "Call on Me in the day of trouble, and I will deliver thee."
Father, I thank you that you are still in the miracle business. I need one right now, Lord. Help me to keep the faith, and to continue to expect deliverance, just as Your Holy Word promises. In Jesus name, Amen.

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