Thursday, February 19, 2009

Where Am I?

I am planning a trip to New Orleans in the near-future, so I decided to get a GPS receiver. What a cool gadget! I am amazed at the accuracy of the information that it displays on the screen. It will allow you to type in any address, and then the system guides you right to the front door! Amazing! It even talks and tells you where to turn so you can keep your eyes on the road. There are over 6 million points of interest programmed in the system. Just for fun, I typed in Walmart. It gave me street-by-street directions to the nearest location. I will never be lost again!

God is like a GPS receiver. No matter how lost you may be or how far off the beaten path you may go, God can instantly guide you back to Him. Sometimes we feel like we are just too lost for Him to find us. Impossible! Sometimes we feel like we have gone so far out of the way that He doesn't even want to find us. Nonsense! God loves us and wants us to be in complete fellowship with Him. No matter where we are, God can track us down and guide us back "home". If you are lost today or if you have strayed far from Jesus, there is no reason to worry about it any longer. Call on Him! He will find you, and He will save you. GPS...God Personally Saves!

Chronicles 15:2 says, "The Lord is with you; If you seek Him, you will find Him."

Father, thank you for saving us. Thank you for loving us enough to always bring us back when we get lost. We praise Your Holy name! In Jesus name, Amen.

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