Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cleaning Day

This past weekend, my 12-year old daughter Bailey Boo wanted a little spending money. Coincidentally, I also just happened to have a messy house. My house is not generally that messy, although I have to admit that I do clean like a man. My philosophy is If you can't see it, it is not dirty! But from time to time, I do actually move things around and clean underneath them. So I figured she could clean my house, while learning the value of work, and I could use that time to catch up on a few things I needed to do. I told her I would pay her based on how well she cleaned up. I was so impressed! She went way beyond what I expected her to do. She cleaned places in my house that I did not even know I had. After a little less than two hours, she was finished. For her work, I gave her $50.00. That's a lot for 2 hours worth of work, but she did an outstanding job!
Our walk with Christ is sort of like cleaning our house. For the most part, we can just pick up a few things here and there and keep the house fairly organized. But sometimes we have to spend a day and do some serious deep-cleaning. As we walk with Christ, we can pray and read a little of the Bible each day. But sometimes, we need to stop and do some serious cleaning of our souls. It becomes necessary at times to take a real inventory of our lives and see what we need to address with the Lord. Instead of just cleaning the areas that are visible to us, we may need to ask God to help us with those dirty areas that we can't see. The old saying, a clean house is a happy house, is very true. It also applies to our hearts and souls.
Psalm 51:10 says, "Create in me a clean heart, Oh God; and renew a right spirit within me."
Father, please shine Your Holy light on all areas of my life and help me do a little cleaning up. Thank you for understanding that we are not perfect, and for being willing to help us as we strive to bring glory to the name of Jesus. For it is in His name, Amen.

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